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About Us
Meet Hat Trick...

Lisa Huelskamp, a Versailles, OH native, has been performing professionally since 1986. In high school she performed with The Rhythm Company Show Group. In college at OSU she performed with Chris Logsdon, traveled with The Ohio Road Show, and sang with various bands including an 8-year partnership with the band Spectrum from 1990-1997. Lisa has been crowned Miss Clayland 1992, Miss West Central Ohio 1991, Miss Oktoberfest 1988, and Miss Darke County Fair Queen 1988. She competed at Miss Ohio Scholarship Program in 1991 and 1992 and was awarded Miss Congeniality and earned the Humanitarian Award. Since the pageants, she has placed second in the Midwest Country Talent Search and fourth in the Pioneer National Talent Search both held in Columbus. In 1992 she opened for the Beach Boys in Dallas, Texas, and in 1997 she performed in Florence, Italy. In 2005 she performed at the Miss Clayland Scholarship Program and judged the 2006 Miss Lake Festival Scholarship Program. Now with Hat Trick, Lisa brings enthusiasm and charisma to the stage singing all genres of music.

Lisa has an BS from OSU in elem. ed with a specialization in middle school science and in Environmental and Earth Sciences, a Masters from OSU in Gifted Education, and a Ph.D. from OSU in Science (STEM) Education. She works for Westerville City Schools and adjuncts at Ohio State University teaching science courses. She enjoys gardening, cooking, camping, and volunteering for Great Dane Rescue. She resides north of Marysville with her husband and the four-legged kids..

Tim Berridge, originally from Marion, Ohio, comes from a musical family of eight and has been playing guitar since the age of six. Genres in his repertoire range from country to pop, blues to jazz.

In the early 80's Tim performed on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. Since then he has established himself in Columbus, Ohio performing with Chris Logsdon, Paul Kelner, Norbert, Rich Reau, and Oswald and the Herringbones. The love for multiple styles coupled with Tim's own creative flair has made him an incredible asset.

In addition coaching lacrosse and soccer and serving as the Music Director for Worthington Methodist Church, Tim is a licensed physical therapist with a masters degree from OSU. Tim lives in old Worthington, runs the music program at Worthington United Methodist Church, and is a husband and a proud father of a high schooler and an OSU student.

Born in Ashville, NC and raised in Marietta, Ohio, Clark Buelow, son of a music professor, began playing piano at age 10 and was classically trained in both piano and voice. In high school, he performed as member of the choir, show choir, & barber shop quartets. Since high school, he has continued to refine his guitar playing and  composing his own work and completed his courses in Feb. 08 in audio engineering. Clark has performed with Columbus' Chris Logsdon for many years as well as played solo in and around the Columbus area. Check out Clark's originals on www.ourstage.com, http://www.newartistradio.net and  http://www.unsigned.com/clarkbuelow.

Clark brings a unique sense of humor and energy to the stage and gets the crowd laughing- never a dull moment with Clark around. An avid gold player, Clark the the proud father of two young children and one who is grown. He lives in Columbus.

How We Came Together ...

Hat Trick formed in September of 1997 in Columbus, Ohio with Clark Buelow, Lisa Huelskamp, and Jeff Tayama. Jeff and Lisa had an open mic slot at BW-3’s on North High Street and Clark, walking down High Street to be that night's feature, heard them playing Janice Joplin. Then, when Lisa heard Clark singing Bread, she asked Jeff to introduce them; Lisa joined Clark by adding harmony to Jet Plane and Indigo Girls. The three hit it off and plans were made to give it a go. Soon the trio made their first performance together at the Open Mic night as the feature, then Dave A.'s Halloween Party, and they began to pick up more gigs. Regular appearances followed at Oldfield’s on Fourth in Columbus, The Tin Goose Saloon at Port Clinton, Ohio on Lake Erie, and Tommy Keegan's in the Brewery District, Columbus.

The harmonies clicked, the repertoire grew, and the Columbus venues have welcomed the group ever since. On friendly notes, Jeff went on to pursue other interests in June of 1999 sharing his talents with his covers and original pieces. By September of that year, Tim Berridge became the third member of Hat Trick adding new dynamics.

In September of 2005, Hat Trick moved into its 9th season. With this benchmark, on the 18th of that month, Clark decided to pursue studio work and original pieces. 

From September 23, 2005 -April 15 2006, local accomplished solo artist Dave Smith performed with Lisa and Tim at La Scala in Dublin. On our first night together the trio performed the three hour show with no breaks- a Hat Trick record (old record was 2 hr 35 min.) The record was later broke on Nov. 23, 2005 at Grandview Cafe - 3 hours 11 min.! Dave performed in Clark's absence for 6 1/2 months. Thanks to Dave Smith, Hat Trick is alive and well today. 

Clark Buelow returned in March of 2006 and the "Lisa, Clark, and Tim" trio reunited until work took Clark to Atlanta, GA from November 26, 2006 to Feb 22, 2007. Lisa and Tim had a duo show during that time. Clark returned, and once again, the trio was together for fun, good times, and great music. 

Lisa got a serious concussion on November 12, 2014 and was recovering until their first performance on July 18, 2015 at a private party. Thanks to Clark and Tim, the venues, and fans, the music continued during that time. With the trio reunited, we celebrated our 20 year anniversary in September 2017. 

As always, no show is ever the same. There are still no set lists keeping this fresh and spontaneous. To the venues who open their doors and to the people, the 'Hat Trickers,' who open their hearts and sharing their time - we are most appreciative. Thank you so much, and we'll see you at the show!